Fests Policies & Rules

  • Tables must be staffed at all times.
  • You must check out.
  • No sales are permitted during the Fests.
  • Pop-up canopies are not permitted.
  • Organizations must clean and maintain their group's individual area of operation and common areas throughout and following the Fests.
  • Do not remove tables and chairs from the Fests area during the event.
  • Do not engage in any activities or events that would create a safety or health hazard or violate University policies, City and State laws.
  • The use of amplified sound is not permitted during Fests.
  • Failure to comply with all Fests rules and policies will result in a $75 fine.
  • If your organization is fined for multiple years for failure to adhere to Fest Rules & Policies your organization may not receive space at future Fests events.
  • Photo Release

    Center for Campus Involvement, a unit of Student Life at the University of Michigan, intends to take photographs and videos of the event and its participants in order to keep a history of this event and to publicize other activities in the future.

    By registering your organization for the Fests you are agreeing on behalf of your organization and its members to be photographed and videoed and to the use of those photographs and videos for publicity and other educational, nonprofit, noncommercial purposes, as the University of Michigan deems appropriate. You are also acknowledging that the Regents of the University of Michigan, on behalf of University Unions, hold the copyright in all photographs taken.

    Final Acknowledgement

    I verify that I have read the application (including the Fests Rules and Policies and photo release) and will comply with all rules & policies and photo release. I also understand that I will need to redeem a check-in/out ticket for my organization once my application is approved in order to be fully registered for the Fests.